Shipping a gift internationally. vs something you sold to someone else

Sunday, October 31, 2021 05:30am

Gifts are items that are given for free to another person. If the item has any value, you must include a goods declaration form. JShip will help you with the form if you need it. Essentially, the form has the shipper and receiver info, goods descriptions and estimated values. All shipments require some value and if you think the value is nothing then simply put in the default $1. Some items truly might not have a monetary value such as some family pictures or cookies you baked for your sister in London. There are many examples, just put what you think is correct for gifts. Whatever you do, don't lie and say the item you sold to another person is a gift or that something that clearly has monetary value does not. Customs officers will not take this lightly and your shipment can be returned or confiscated. 

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