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JShip software links you directly with these trusted carriers. Ship from home, save money, schedule pickups, skip the ship show.

Skip the ship show at the store, ship from home, schedule pickups.

JShip is cheap ship! Huge savings compared to your local store. % saved shown during checkout.

JShip software links you directly to the best carriers for a safe & reliable shipping experience.


Follow these quick tops to help you get your package to its destination safely, on time, and for less.

Scheduling a Pick-Up from Home

Don't want to leave your place? Save a trip with JShip! We'll walk you through how to schedule a pickup from your place so you can stay put and stay safe.

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Weighing & Measuring from Home

Don't have a package scale? No problem! We'll help you find a way to weigh.

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Shipment Protection & Insurance

Shipping something extra special? We'll walk you through the basics of shipment protection; it's not what you think.

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